Friday, January 15, 2010

1/15/2010 Update

And we're off...

We are members of Ball State University's Virginia Ball Center. We are currently adapting Cathy Day's novel "The Circus in Winter" into a musical. Our journey started off by visiting Peru, Indiana, where we walked around old circus grounds.

Yesterday we had the privilege of having the writers and producer of "The Fisher King the Musical" visit. They are still workshopping "The Fisher King", and they were able to give excellent advice on the process of writing a musical. They seemed to love our current ideas, and the songs that we have recorded. It was helpful and fun to share our ideas with people who are not familiar with our project.

Now, we are busy making an outline for the musical, and finding the moments from the book that can be musicalized. There are currently two songs on the Circus in Winter MySpace page. Check them out! ( More updates soon...

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